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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Getting ready...

To those who I've shared my goals and visions, I have NOT made any headway to make any lessons for rCampus.  The fact that there are 1000's of online videos already have discouraged me from this amibition, yet if I were to do as PatrickJMT of Youtube.com, charge 99 cents a download for the videos produced.

In reality, I have been making unseen advances with my downstairs office/video production area.  My backroom is cleaned up (finally!) and ready for work/recording.  This brings me to another passage in the plan to produce electronic curriculum,  "How should I deliver it?"  There are several choices.

  1. Pen and paper method. (w/cam)
  2. Presenter in front of the board (w/cam)
  3. Jing it
  4. Use online whiteboards (such as vyew.com)
  5. Doing live sessions.
I like how easy option 1 makes for doing a tutor or lesson session;  the presenter just writes down the concepts in almost a notation form you could copy and use for your own notes.   However, the only way to challenge the receiver is to ask them to pause the clip, and try to work (an example) on their own.

The 2nd option is more "high touch" than the 1st, because you have the simulated feeling of a person talking/presenting to you, like a lecture in the classroom.  This still leaves no room for interaction other than pausing the clip.

The 3rd and 4th options are similar to the 1st 2, (playable clips) except without the need for a video camera, but still lacks interaction.

The 5th is the closest thing to face 2 face in technology, called synchronous learning.  However, to command an audience requires planning not just a meeting time, but platforms for hosting, using technology tools, and getting the audience to show up.

Once I have these areas figured out, I believe I'm on my way to developing my Learning Center, or as Dr. David V. Loertscher coins it, the "Learning Commons."

Til I chalk again,
Mr. Shel