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Thursday, December 15, 2011


Tis the season to be resourceful!  has become my motto for this month. As I continue to do work with Online Teaching Associates,  Sophia, and SOCRATES online, I'm amazed by the progress and quickness of change that happens within each of those environments.  It also seems that the quicker the change, the more time I need to respond, train, and be able to adapt.

As I reflect on that, I wonder how students are adapting to the tools that can be used to help them; it also makes me wonder "Are we training them with the right content to respond to the needs of the 21st Century?"  In many schools, I still see a production-like template of the class.  A creative teacher will create a creative lesson...sounds redundant but true.  If you've been following Will Richardson's blog (and tweets) then you'll get the same impression that we're tacking on, not really innovating.  Students who strive will continue to strive in life; students who cheat will continue to cheat in life no matter the media (or situation).  It seems like all this amping up technology has me behind at one important important thing...

It really seems like an oversimplification, but caring for people's welfare and equipping with tools for life doesn't always mean meeting every standard (at least on paper).  Making another person's life better because you lived should be the greatest ideal for anyone (not just math teachers!!!)  I believe Rich De Voss made a similar statement (and continues to make) in his 1968 message of "Selling America."  If you are able to get a copy, I strongly encourage you to listen to it.

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