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Thursday, November 11, 2010

November news

For all that read this blog, I've gotten some new tools for you to check out at both my tutor site http://www.sheldahltutoring.com/, and my wiki http://www.mrshel.wikispaces.com/, and you may notice that they might look a little better too.  rCampus development has come to a halt, because the more I study it, I'm not as sure how friendly it will be to navigate for someone who has a lesser degree of technical knowledge; I'm not saying ignorant or "dumb," just that I want to make sure it meets my standard for LCT (Lowest Common Technology).  There are several people in this country, who've I've had the chance to bump into on the virtual by-ways, who still use dial-up.  Though the standard for a modem is 56Kbps, the chances of it maximzing with the C.O. or local branch are 16% or less.  Not to mention I spent a whole semester studying the concept of throughput, and still don't have a good definition! (By the way, ask your local ISP what their definition is!!)

If you're a teacher, make sure you subscribe to Richard Byrne's Free Technology 4 Teachers blog (on my blog list).  If you're a student, (or even a parent of one), the latest toy which one can use to graphically organize their website list, is by going to http://www.symbaloo.com/.  Kudos to my friend Casey out there who made a suggestion for it.

As always, if you have an idea, and would like to share it, I'm sure there's others who may have a question waiting for your idea as the answer.  That's been my view (or vyew--check the archive on that one).  My principle search for a total online learning environment (or to be able to construct one the way I want to) is still on...but have to find something that pays the bills too.  So, if you know anyone needing tutoring in math, I've helped many students online, and taught them to teach themselves (I know, not job security, but because I love to teach that way).

Til I chalk again,

Mr. Shel