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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Clearing cobwebs

  Let's face it. It's summer. No one wants to think about a class of 15-35 students who may or may not be excited about your class.

So what's your passion? Is it cleaning the cobs? But that's exactly what you do when something in your house hasn't been used in ages. What's the point?
I recently did a clean house project where I recycled the wood from my basement storage and turned it into shelving throughout the house. Why did I do it? I'd like to have an extra study away from the crowd. What you see is a reconstruction of that shelf at half the width and 2/3 the length.  On Facebook I called it my lean manufacturing skills put to use. I like to build! I like to repurpose!  

A contractor said it right when he told me it's more work to DIY as opposed to geting new. I'm not an Earth Day conservationist. But it taught me I can do it in small pieces. It gives me something to talk about when I bring up measurement, planning, and error.

Can you imagine that this was just storage? I might pop the wall (off left) out and make this room bigger. Why? To improve my house AND to create a chance to talk about math with my kids (not just measurement, but critical thinking). They even gave their own design ideas!

What are you doing to make you and yours pause and think of the possibilities you come across? After all, that's Global citizenship 101, and that's why I teach.

Til I chalk again, 
Mr. Shel