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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Reflection of a teachable moment

Picture of Blue Earth Middle School Media Center
Sheldahl, C. 2011. Media Center.
Perhaps not every moment a teacher experiences a teachable moment is inside the classroom (or a media center.)

In this case, I experienced very personally, right on the floor of the family room in my house.

My kids, when decided that they are not going outside to play, develop this ravenous cabin fever (or at least the older siblings love to stir up the younger ones like a top; sound familiar?).  But when they got some Legos(TM) out (that at least was their initiative, not mine, unless my wife prompted them to), I plopped down on the floor and started to make something with the "pretty" colored Legos(TM) y daughter was using. (My next older child had brought his own "boy" Legos(TM) to the play scene).

I was wasn't sure what I was going to make, since I didn't have directions or a map of what I was going to make...but remembering a ride cart from Walt Disney world, I fashioned something of the same design with Patrick sitting in the seat looking ready to start the "roller coaster" ride.  My daughter gave me that funny "what?" look, but my boy literally could have had a pull chain light bulb over his head, because I heard the idea pop out of him.

"We could make a Legos(TM) roller coaster?" he asked.  I said he could probably come up with something if he had enough pieces.  That's all that was needed to start "The Project."  He started to assemble pieces that would form the frame work and curve of a "big hill." My daughter saw how intent he was on completing the task, so wanted to join in.  My eldest boy saw the work in progress and got distracted from his own studies.

picture of Legos Roller coaster my son nathan built.
Legos(TM) Roller Coaster
So for about 2 hours, mild mayhem turned into frantic focus as the idea caught on to finish a model to the roller coaster.  Moral of the story: it takes some guided work to make a meaningful playtime on a Saturday.

Til I chalk again,

Mr. Shel