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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ahh Summer

 I hope you've enjoyed the change in scenery (if you're a student OR a teacher).  Now that my status has been changed, I have now more freedom to create my little snippets of lessons...not that there isn't a plethora already of Math and Reading.  I've found after being let go of one job, that I do better motivating myself as the boss. (make or break).  The comments I've followed from the blogs I'm subscribed to have been helpful to my mental appetite; however have been anorexically rejected in practice by the district I formally worked in.  This gives me new light and new motivation...specially to encourage those in the regular (math) education, to follow dan's link (see links at bottom) of his latest comments...to make the students "struggle-think," drop the concept as if in the middle of a cliffhanger movie, then when they ask for a conclusion, and if there's time, supplement the concept. 

I like that kind inquiry and curiosity.  It really shows the students ARE thinking. 

Now comes the question as to WHERE I should store the lessons/ideas/etc.  I'm thinking of using rCampus, and will be experimenting with modules.  Soon you will see a link both here and at my main website, http://www.sheldahltutoring.com/ which will include a place to find the items (or reference to them on the net, there's so many!!) which correlate to the standards (not sure whether I should stay specific to Minnesota or go with NCTM).

Till I chalk again,
Mr. Shel

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