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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dream is lost, Vision renewed...

Rather liberal artsy, but it themes a passing I have to come to grips with...after working for nearly 18 months on my graduate work and pushing forward with a virtual commons idea, I've decided to bring it to a halt for several reasons, after consulting with some very good friends and former colleagues in my alma mater days of online tutoring (at AOL):
  1. It would require equivalent of a school system's hosting, storage, security, dedicated servers to handle all the intricate parts of my virtual center, and more moderators needed than a physical school to handle and supervise discussion groups.
  2. It's more liability than I'm able to cover at this point.  Every f2f teachers lives with this risk daily.
  3. It would take the capital equivalent of a full upscale business, and would require full investment as such, or sponsorship of an institution to lend that capital power.  Something that isn't gained (or proven) easily in this current economy.
However, my vision is very much alive, which shall be still "Each one reach one".  How to accomplish this I am not certain, but if I remain an outsider to the world of education (do not yet have a teaching contract), I will need to dig in and provide more awareness and more resources to wake up my home area to the 21st century (at least the schools, many of the students are already there).

This next semester of my graduate work looks promising, and may open the door to further opportunities and to crank up the volume.  Students will look for ways how to do things on their own, but they still operate by way of least resistence.  My goal is to provide a host of resources easily found hence making me easily found as someone who can bridge the gap for whatever topics they need help in.  My wiki development is proof of that (search for MrShel wiki).

Til I chalk again,

Mr. Shel

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