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Thursday, February 10, 2011

No Excuses ... (The computer ate my homework).

I've neglected my post (literally and figuratively) by forgetting to put in my thoughts for this month.  After all, I've started Spring semester for my Ed. Tech degree, carting 4 kids around with a near full time job (which will be changing, because I'm still yearning to fill my schedule with tutoring coast to coast).  With that, my laptop acquires a virus impossible to eliminate with AntiVirus Software (don't worry Microsoft and Norton I won't tell anyone, hehe), and I haven't gotten the books I needed yet (but now do as of this writing).   My wonderful professor, Dr. G, has this policy about technology awareness...you have no excuses for not submitting your homework, even if Desire2Learn chews up your post and spits it back out as a non-published draft.

The point here I make, one which Will Richardson, Scott Mcleod, et al. bring up, is that we live in a digital world (at least surrounded by one).  Therefore, we need to develop habits of backing up, saving, filing, much like the habits (that were supposed to have developed) when working in the days of the "hard copy."  We need to develop the same habit with the digital world, as we did (or did we?) with the physical one.  It doesn't really boil down to technology, (in my book), it boils down to the timeless concept of organizational skills, which if left undeveloped, will leave you in the digital dust bowl.

'Til I chalk again,

Mr. Shel

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