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Sunday, May 6, 2012

From Spanish Sub to LMC learner assistant

Disclaimer: BEA Middle School Library
I realize teachers (especially those with a master's degree) shy away from subbing positions that aren't designated teacher positions, but the lure of being in a Library Media Center had me hooked.

After all, you essentially do more for less, (as is the current structure of learner assistant schedules--as my sister-in-law would agree).  But from my graduate work, the LMC is the heart (or should be) from which the blood of education flows.  (Okay students, I know this isn't English, but I couldn't resist that metaphor).  The picture I used is actual from Blue Earth's middle school, not Lake Mills where I currently am on assignment.

As I worked there, I had alot of fun communicating the learning, even though it wasn't math related (okay, some, if a student asked me a math question during study hall).  I envisioned Dr. Loerschter's Model of a 21st Century Commons, and how (one day) technology integrationists, Media Specialists, and teachers all develop teams to facilitate learning.

Back to reality, I enjoy sharing stories to K-5th graders ("would you talk in that funny voice again?") and seeing the expressions on the high schoolers faces when I animate stories I read. (More like the Deer-In-Headlights-Look).  I also enjoyed becoming familiar with Dewey again (though I could live without having to organize by Topic/Author, since I prefer strictly a numerical system).  I work with great people in the library, who are patient as this "master educator" takes baby steps to become familiar with the role of the person I am substituting for.  I think every teacher should have to go through at least 1 experience to develop an under-the-skin skill set, and to appreciate their current LMS's and RTI specialists.

This dream ends in 15 school days...

Til I chalk again,

Mr. Shel

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