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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Game time

It seems like you know when the season  or inside sports really takes swing; the appearance of practice jerseys lining the benches. What you don't see is the other things that develop when you're not looking.

For example, those who recognize this
should take pride in that recognition. So the old debate continues, what's more important, sports or academics? If you answered both, you are on the right track as long as you don't sacrifice one for the other.

The real question is this: what's your goal for being involved in either? I'm assuming you are involved, and if not GET INVOLVED. Yes, I metaphorically yelled, but that's the point. 

Remember the BCBS commercial that showed on the screen "Do something for 10 minutes every day." Do something for your mind and body, it might help you think more clearly about that Algebra problem.

Til I chalk again,

Mr. Shel

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