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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Weekly Note: Work in progress

Now that I realized that I have a whole command of technology apps, from buying a license for a video converter last year, I now have a slew of new "toys" to work with. This of course may have to be put somewhat on hold, as I am working on 2 projects for my graduate classes, but will utilize some to benefit the students also.

Nevertheless, I promised (at least the intermediate algebra) students, a vodcast of one or more lessons, which may turn up anytime between now and May. I am exploring editing techniques on my first "draft" video clip, and try to whittle it down, as the raw data reaches a size of 208 megabytes!

My first podcasts are in the notes section of my school site's Intermediate Algebra class, http://www.usc.k12.mn.us/uschs/csheldahl/

This week was broken up with MCA II testing, so perhaps next week I'll some more projects completed!

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