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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What's with the foreign language? Or Failure to Blog

"Chasm of Communication"
--Cory Sheldahl
LATE ENTRY==oops I meant this for 8/22...

Sometimes there comes a time (especially when one hasn't blogged in a while), that there are moments of inspiration that caused me to try to blog a few light bulb ideas from my not-so-smart phone.  I cannot remember the sparks that prompted me to blog, but obviously they fell in a chasm of protocol (or programming) where the translation back to earth yielded gibberish.

I cannot remember the few inspirational thoughts that I wanted to share, but I do remember how good I felt at sending these epithets...It's ALWAYS good to double check before sending.

How does this relate to communicating math?  We (teachers/adults) have a frame through which we transmit our thoughts and ideas, and generally assume everyone else has the decoder which to decipher our transmission (technically speaking).  While the students MAY have the ability to translate it, they may not care or want to, which still makes the outcome just gibberish.

Mr. Shel

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